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About Us

«ARTPALAZZO» is an art project launched in 2001 by two professional artists Marina Pronina and Edward Safaryan.

Stylish things appear in different parts of the world. In some works one can feel the connection with national tradition; in others depiction gives way to abstract images and emotional perception of texture. Both are interesting and really artistic. Each creation of each our work is an attempt to capture time forever, reflection of life’s values, a sudden appeared image, an amazing moment that was translated into eternity - God.

Harmonious juxtaposition of spirit and the world around is the basic idea and direction of our work.

Dynamism of modern life, fussiness with emotions and impressions dictates its own laws and building in art. The world has never been in an era of such diversity of styles in everything that surrounds us. There has always been some sort of single dominant fashion. Today we live in the age of eclecticism, in the age of free choice. Everything that we associate with modern shapes and styles is the middle between the classic, that is what is already there, and avant-garde. Eclecticism in everything: music, clothing, architecture, interiors.

Basing on the masters’ experience of the past times we use modern materials and techniques and create works that give to person the sense of aesthetic pleasure and comfort and make his interior to be cozy and unique.

Art was at all times an integral part of human life decoration.